Elwood.Biz is proud to be working with EPIQUE Realty where forward thinking  agents and brokers have helped make it become one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages. Because EPIQUE is a team built brokerage, we are able to help you with your real estate transactions in other US states and even soon to be other countries around the globe.  

If you are an Agent, Team Leader or own your own brokerage and want to expand your team nationally or even (soon to be) internationally, our team can help you accomplish this without having to get separately licensed for your branding.

EPIQUE Realty, is the first AI certified Real Estate companies and one of the fastest growing real estate tech companies in the world, and continues to scale internationally.  EPIQUE is scaling and ready to be solidifying its global footprint.

Teaming with the Right Sponsor at EPIQUE is crucial.  Contact us to discuss more 248-568-5958.  

Ready to Join, be sure to list your sponsor with the below information: 

David Elwood    #6506045662

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