Events to attend in Michigan

Do you know when you only want to go out and enjoy your city or even your state? The feeling that can go along when you find a new place to can is “how could I not have done this before?” is automatic. For this reason, we separated some events in Michigan that you can still attend in January and enjoy Michigan.

Firstly, if you love good movies about the most impressive ocean and Great Lakes films from around the world to pass the time with your family and live up the northeast part of Michigan, you should consider attending the 2023 Thunder Bay International Film Festival. The events occur between the days 26 to 30 of January, in the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center.

The 2023 Thunder Pass, which includes all the sections of the events, cost $100. If your choice is to attend one night, it will only cost $30 per ticket.

For more information, you can reach them by phone (989) 884-6212 or by email at [email protected].


Perhaps, if you would like to Finnish culture, you can pay attention to the shenanigans of Heikinpäivä hosted by Hancock’s Finlandia University. The event will occur for a whole day on Saturday, January 28th, in the City of Hancock. The events also count with The Heikinpäivä parade featuring creatures from Finnish legend, and the legendary wife-carrying contest (an obstacle course that sends married couples careening from one bizarre station to another).

The program also includes a kicksled race, musical performances, cultural and craft-making workshops, and a traditional Finnish contra-dance with a live band. The cost to participate is to the Iltamat, which is a dance & buffet, and the last event scheduled activity is $ 15 per person.

If you need more information, check the event website.


Last but not least, the Pure Ludington BRRRewfest! The event will happen in Ludington downtown and the purpose is to benefit Friends of Ludington State Park with this winter craft beer, wine, and cider festival which also brings some winter fun.

The event experience also feats over 20 Michigan crafters who are on hand to help you sample some favorites or let you try something new with your friends accompanied by drinks and food.

Running from 1-6 pm, the cost to participate in this event is $35 and includes 6 drink tokens. The tickets must be bought online via this link here. And if you are looking for more information, visit the event website.


Now that you have the picture of the events occurring in Michigan, share with us which one you would like to attend.