Top 5 Events You Must Go In Michigan In 2023

Michigan is full of events and you must get to know the “Top 5 Events You Must Go In Michigan In 2023”. Prepare the luggage and travel throughout the state known for the cherries, apple, and blueberry cultivation and more.

  1. How about The Original Michigan Lavender Festival? According to the website, the festival has occurred since 2002, and has offered a true “Symphony for the Senses”. In addition to the sweet aroma of lavender and the harp music, the event accommodates their guest at Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds, Imlay City, during the days 23rd – 25th of June, this year.
  2. To promote bold, visionary filmmakers through the advancement of film and new media art, and to engage communities with remarkable cinematic experiences, became the mission of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Founded in 1963 by George Manupell and due to their history, the festival is Internationally recognized and presents 40 programs with more than 180 films from over 20 countries of all lengths and genres. This year, the event will happen from March 21st to 26th. The full event admission cost $25.00 if bought on the pre-sale.
  3. Without a doubt, this is the most awaited event in Michigan: The National Cherry Festival. With the tickets already available and the countdown on the official website, the event will occur from July 1st to 8th, this year. The National Cherry Festival has its mission to celebrate and promote cherries, community involvement, and the Grand Traverse region. Not convinced yet? The festival is annually rated in the Top 100 Festivals and Events in North America by the A.B.A and most of the activities at the festival have no fee, except the concerts.
  4. To experience an exciting group outing like no other, the Michigan Renaissance Festival authentically recreated a 16th-century village, visiting more than 80 shops featuring unique arts and crafts as well as unique food options, playing games of skill, and participating in a variety of human-powered rides. This allows the riders to get entertained and feel the 16th-century atmosphere. If you have an interested in taking part in the event, reserve a date during the days of August 20 to October 1, and do not forget to buy your ticket: the cost is $17 (general admission), but it has a discount for kids and the military.
  5. The most celebrated and waited-for holiday for the US citizen is without a doubt the 4th of July. For this reason, we have highlighted some information for how to attend the Bay City Fireworks Festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in America to commemorate the country’s independence and brings a lot of people to the region. The fireworks start at 10:12 pm each night, during the days June 29th, June 30, and July 1st, 2023. Add this date to your calendar and have fun.

Now that you know the events that you can attend this year, share with us which one are you most thrilled to go to in the comments, and enjoy Michigan!