5 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm by Jade Green

If you are familiar with LinkedIn, you must know how many people create content with the intent to help others growth and progress.

A great example is Jade Green. Every Friday she shares with her community some tips in her “Friday Fast 5” newsletter on LinkedIn.

There is some great article that deserves to reach more people. So here it is:

5 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm by Jade Green

This week I had been talking to my team about how we can all work in some more rest and recovery into our week. And unlike the rest and recovery, you give your body, I wanted them to think about rest and recovery for their brains. The amount of time you spend thinking about work or other life maintenance outside of work takes a toll on your physical and mental well-being. So this list is 5 things to help you overcome overwhelm by switching off and unwinding this week!

  1. Meditate. I love this option because not only can you do it from the comfort of your own home but it’s also free. There are some great guided meditations on Spotify or youtube. Recently I’ve personally been doing the Wim Hoff method which is great because it only takes 4 minutes!]
  2. Get a Massage. No audiobooks or podcasts are allowed! Just sit back and relax as someone works away the physical tolls of stress. There are also so many great options with a massage ranging from professional and remedial options to online tutorials that you and your partner can do at home.
  3. Go for a float. Floating has become so popular recently and for good reason. It’s a great way to unwind and literally let your worries float away. Can also have benefits for your muscles and other aches and pains! Although not recommended if you easily feel claustrophobic.
  4. Surf. Surfing or even just swimming in the ocean is a great way to unwind from all the stress and worries back on land. You can’t take your phone in with you so turn it off and just take an hour to connect with nature and enjoy the raw power of the ocean.
  5. Sleep. With all the 24/7 hustle lifestyle messaging we get fed day in and day out we often forget that sleep is incredibly important for our rest and recovery. If you find yourself usually only sleeping 4-6 hours a night I want you to try and switch the phone off a little earlier tonight and see if you can get 7-9 hours. It might feel like a truck has hit you at first but I promise both your brain and your body will thank you for the rest later.

Let me know what you guys choose to do this weekend to rest and recover!
Keep an eye out for another fast 5 next week!

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