3 Great Neighborhoods in Detroit Area

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Detroit being a prominent city also has the best areas to rent. Read the article to discover where is the best location for you and your business.

1. Bagley:

Bagley is located near University Park, along Livernois, you’ll have access to amenities on the vibrant Avenue of Fashion, one of Detroit’s top commercial strips. Full of the commercial center, bars, and coffee shops, the Bagley is great in quality amenities, a great location, and no shortage of activities.

2. Downtown Detroit:

Where some of the best parks are home, Downtown Detroit is a special area for those who are attracted to event spaces, restaurants, and pubs on every street and the riverfront and avoid driving at all costs.

3. Midtown:

Neighborhood by Wayne State University, nearby hospitals, and the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Midtown area is for the one who loves going for a walk and visiting major libraries and museums.


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